To Pin or not to Pin?!?

There are many posts about Pinterest, here, here, and here to get you started.

I am going to tell you now, I LOVE Pinterest!! I don’t feel envious, jealous, inadequate or any of the other negative things that people say Pinterest makes them feel. I actually almost never search Pinterest directly. I have various blogs that I read and things that I search Google for. When I find an idea, recipe, tutorial, location or product that I love, want, want to know more about, I Pin it to my boards. I love having a picture catalog of resources that I can go back to.

I used to be a person that had a HUGE “favorites” list, but it was hard to find things when I wanted to reference them. I had categories, but the URL, or my attempts at description just did not help enough, and I would be clicking page after page. Now I can skim through my recipes, or card making ideas, or sewing tutorials and find what I need in a few minutes. Some of the things I will probably never do, make or see… but I COULD if I wanted to! And I love having all those resources at my fingertips!

What do you think about Pinterest?!?

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