I went out last night to get in the hot tub for my back, and it was raining. A few minutes after I got in the tub I realized that there was actually some lightening. I waited a bit because it seemed dim and far away. After about 10 minutes there was a really big bright one, so I hopped right out and ran in the house! I cleaned up and got into bed, and THEN realized that I forgot to post:( I just could not bring myself to get out and do it, so here is a belated post!

Quite a few years ago, I learned about Circular Sock Machines (CSMs). They are mostly antique machines, many made in the 1800s. Here is one site with info about the machines. Being a knitter, I was very intrigued. I lucked out and there was a meeting nearby, so I got to go and see some machines at work.
Here is a restored machine that is set up for show. IMG_0560

Here is a machine set up, in the middle of knitting a sock. IMG_0554

There is at least one company in New Zealand that manufactures new machines (there may be more companies now, I have not researched it in a few years.) I’d love to own a machine, but I just have not been able to justify the thousands of dollars for a restored or new machine, and have not lucked into finding a “gem in the rough” at a yard sale or flea market. But having a machine is on my with list!

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