Squeaking in under the wire

Today just seemed to slip away from me! I did manage to get a fair amount of laundry done, did some dishes, cleaned the bathroom (except for the floor!!) Also took pizza to my daughter and her friends that were helping her move, and made chili and cornbread for dinner for hubby and me. And watched a large number of Gilmore Girls episodes! Hung out in the hot tub, and now I’m hurrying to get this post in before midnight.

Also started thinking about Christmas. I love to make gifts for people, and to do that you have to do some planning ahead. I especially need to plan ahead for a large portion of hubby’s family, as we go there for the last two weeks of November (for hubby to hunt deer and pheasant). I’d love to have their gifts made and bought and wrapped rather than having to ship them. That is rather a daunting task, we shall see if I accomplish that one!!


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