Keep on keepin on!

After my post last night, I got in the hot tub to try and work on my back spasms. It helped a good bit, but did not eliminate them completely:( They seem to be the worst when I am sitting at my desk, so I did not get to work on getting ahead on my posts today. I am going to do the tub again tonight, and hope that perhaps I’ll be able to do more sitting tomorrow. I’d love to get together a few more posts with some more substance, as well as I’d like to work on the set up of my “home page” for the the 31 days posts so it will be easy for anyone to follow along for the full 31 days.

Hubby and his buddy went out fishing today, as they do most Saturday mornings while the weather is good. There was rain last might, but it was clearing up this morning, so they headed out. They generally go to the Susquehanna river, they put in in Havre De Grace, and fish on the “flats”.
Here is the boat beside the house. 2014-08-01 19.10.57

We used to have a little john boat, so this is definitely a step up in the world! Being near the Chesapeake Bay, we are generally boating in tidal waters, so it is nice to have something a bit larger, and with a nice deep V that can cut through the water if it gets rough quickly. This is the john boat. Susquehana 10/06/2013

Here is a big catfish in the live well. P1000834 And here he is breaded and ready to be cooked up!! 2014-08-03 19.33.08

We have plenty of catfish in the freezer to last us through the season when it is too cold to fish! I do want to try some recipes other than frying, although frying is very yummy!

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