Hats for everyone!

A few months back my Mom and Dad were going on a trip to England, and my Mom could not find a hat that she liked to take with her. She wanted a “bucket” style hat, in neutral colors so that it would go with anything, and she could pack it in her luggage without worrying about crushing it. So I decided to come to the rescue by making a hat for her!

I googled “bucket hat pattern”, and a ton of different sites came up. I decided on this pattern by Oliver + S as it had good reviews and looked simple. I did have to enlarge it as it was children’s sizes. It was easy to make larger as there were multiple sizes, so I just used them as a guide for how much bigger to make the pattern.

I was really pleased with how the hat came out, and more importantly, my mom loved it! Here are a few photos! I am even sharing a horrendous selfie of me wearing the hat!

After the success of the hat for my Mom, I decided to make one for the son of a friend. She wanted a hat for him for their trip to California, and he loves Star Wars, so off to the fabric store I went! Here are the results:

Here he is wearing it, it was a bit dark in the room, and he was too busy to stop for a photo op, so the photo is a bit grainy and blurry!

Although it is a bit tedious to sew all the lines on the brim, but I think it really makes the hat. The pattern was really good, the only issue was the final assembly, so I looked up what other people did, and found a tutorial that I liked and did the second hat with her suggestions and it was easier.

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  1. June says:

    Nicely done! Well-received presents are the best!

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