Rough Day

Today’s post will not be long. I have been struggling with painful muscle spasms in my back the past several weeks. I have had them off and on for years. I went to a massage therapist last friday, and he did a fabulous job. However he told me that I have a trigger point that is rather large, and has been causing my muscle spasms all these years. So I decided to actually keep up with the therapy to try to permanently alleviate the issues it has caused me. I am so thankful that I made that choice, as the more severe pain started to come back this morning, I only have to manage with it till noon tomorrow, as that is when I have my next appointment. So I a going to try to get some sleep, and home to come back tomorrow afternoon rejuvenated!!

I’ll end with this photo of our crazy pup, Merlin!!Merlin on his bed

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