Whole30 Prep day

I am coming down to the wire on the Whole30 plan! I have not found every sauce that I wanted to find, but I am figuring I can go out on Wednesday to find a couple more things. The rest of today I have the regular stuff, such as laundry for at least the beginning of the week, make the bed etc.

I hard boiled some eggs yesterday, so I am going to make some mayo, and then make deviled eggs today. I am also going to clarify some butter, as I did not find anyplace that sold clarified butter or Ghee. I did not do an exhaustive search, so I may find a source at another time, or it may make sense to just make it, we shall see.

So the rest of the list for today is some veggie chopping and lunch prep for Chris and I. Although he is not doing this, I always give him veggies in his lunch, so might as well do them with mine. I also have a couple recipes that I need to do so I have meals ready for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 2 days. I can then regroup on Wednesday! Need to take my before photos and measurements, as well as write down a couple goals. I did go ahead and spring for the email support package, so I’m going to try to follow their plan.

Maybe I’ll get back here with a card post, I have actually completed a couple, although they are CASE’d, so will not work for any challenges. Maybe next week!

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