Whole30- completed day 6!

I have managed to make it through 6 days thus far!! I have not “technically” broken any rules, although I know I snack more than I should, and I have possibly eaten a bit more fruit and nuts than perhaps I should. But I figure if it keeps me on track for the short term, I can continue to tweak things for the long term.

Although I have had some killer cravings, and even some dreams where I realized that I was eating something that I should not, the hardest thing has been keeping up with the food prep, not the actual food itself. I knew this would be the case. Although I do cook a fair amount, I also fall into the “pick up take out” trap way more than I should. I just get so tired and don’t feel like cooking. I did some food prep last week, but then partway through the week I was tired of the meatloaf I had made, and did not have enough veggies quickly available! I was very thankful for the salad bar at work, it has a lot of good veggies, and has olive oil and vinegar. Even though it is pricier than bringing from home, I am going to continue with that this week, except I’m going to bring my own oil and vinegar…save a little on weight anyway!

We are smoking meats this weekend, so I will be great this week. We are doing pork, brisket and turkey breast, and a few sausages for Chris. Now I will have a variety of meats, which will help a LOT!! I found a Whole30 compliant bbq sauce recipe, as I love bbq sauce with pork. Brisket I eat plain anyway, and I will take the turkey for with my lunch salads.

I can’t say that I feel hugely different at this point, perhaps the carb cravings are a bit less, maybe I am waking up not quite so sluggish. I have found a love for baked sweet potato with unsweetened coconut milk and some cinnamon!

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  1. Christina says:

    Go you!!! That’s huge making it through your first week, and food prep STILL is what gets me all the time in being vegan. One day I will be organized and get a routine and just do chunks at a time. Maybe. 😉

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