get real

Day 20

Get Real: Share something you are struggling with right now

Well, this is a bit anticlimactic, as I really shared the biggest struggle here. But in the spirit of completing all of these (yes, I know I am still behind on two of them!), here goes!

I am struggling with work right now. In theory I love my job, I always have. But right now I am DONE with working!! I need some time to “gather” myself. Work on my house, my yard, train my puppy etc. But life keeps on keeping on. Now is not a time I can take off work, as the other therapist is out on maternity leave. So I shall soldier on! Next week we have a holiday on Monday, that will help at least!

I will drag myself off to work, dreaming of being here.

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One Response to get real

  1. Christina says:

    I think that’s totally normal. Actually, we both know it’s totally normal. And it sucks. I feel like I need to do that stuff too and it just isn’t happening. Grrrrr laziness (on my end.)

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