Day 22 – belated

Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell use how you really feel

I have rant in my head, but I can’t get really specific as the info is not mine to share. So I’ll have to dig a little deeper to a rant that waxes and wanes as the situation warrants!

I hate when people drive in a selfish manner. We all make mistakes when driving, and hopefully they do not cause any injury or lasting harm. Mistakes I can understand. What bothers me are the people who are obviously SO much more important than the rest of us that they need to drive down the shoulder of the road during a back up. Or those who find it necessary to drive in the left turn lane as the lane going straight is long, and then at the last minute they cut into the straight lane. There are people in my neighborhood who consistently drive the wrong way down the one way street beside my house because they are too lazy to drive around the block. Grrrrrrr!!

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