5 favorite blogs

Day 19

5 favorite blogs and why

These are in no particular order! I follow WAY too many blogs. These are a few that I always check to see if they have a new post!

The Sphors Are Multiplying
This blog is about a family that lives in CA. They had a premature daughter who passed away unexpectedly. They now have a second daughter and are about to have a son. I just like to read their writing, sometimes it is funny, sometimes poignant.

My Favorite Things
This is a papercrafting blog, mostly cardmaking using stamps. I love Dawn’s creativity. She also has a dog she loves that she writes about sometimes. She also loves flowers and posts lovely photos of her yard.

Anne is an amazing knitting designer, as well as an avid gardener. She always has lovely photos on her blog, and seems to be a genuinely kind person.

Yarn Harlot
Stephanie writes knitting humor!! I know it is hard to imagine such a thing, but it does exist. I saw her speak on a book tour, and she was great. She also has a great heart for doing good things in the world.

Confessions of the Chromosomally Enhanced
I found this blog not too long ago. It is about a woman whose older sister has Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome). She and her husband adopted a baby with Trisomy 21, and they gave birth to another daughter. She takes great photos, writes humorously and makes cute videos.

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  1. Christina says:

    I haven’t heard of even one of these, but am excited to find out what “knitting humor” is. And, you know, if it’s even possible…

    (I love to knit, by the way. Just never finish a thing.)

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