Yarn Along

I have been working on these socks for a while now… and they are actually looking like socks! That is if you know which way to orient them! Even though I miss working on tiny DPNs, (or as unknowing strangers have called them “pins”), I am loving working these on 2 circulars because when I am done, there will actually be a pair! Not just a single with some vague hope of another…. someday…

I decided that I am giving them to my sister, as she loved the yarn, and they are coming out nice and stretchy which is good for her as she has one ankle that is larger from being broken many years ago.

As for the book, I am in the first section. It is a book that has been sitting on the bathroom shelf for many years. I had another on the same shelf that I opened a couple weeks ago, looking for an inspirational quote, only to realize that I didn’t like one thing that was written in it! So into the donation bin it goes. So I figured I’d give the next one on the shelf a whirl! Thus far it has been better!

I was looking for inspirational quotes because I have been posting a few on Facebook here and there. Trying to offset all the craziness I see in my feed these days. A fairly simple way to make me feel a bit better!

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  1. great colour with those socks….lucky sister!!!

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