Buddhism & Why I love it

I am trying this blogging challenge again this year. I did not do very well last year, but I am trying to prepare a bit ahead of time this year, in the hopes that I will be more successful. I am also trying to write on the same subject every day. I have chosen “Buddhism & why I love it”. Hopefully I will manage to write some things that people will want to read! I even made my own button. I will link to each post in this post so that all of my posts for the 31 days can be found in the same place.

Day 1
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  1. Shari says:

    I remember once, when someone had been telling me repeatedly that I needed to attend church, and I was so extremely hesitant because I always saw so much hypocrisy there, I began to pray about it (because despite it all I have always loved God). I told God that I had no desire to spend my time with people who place laws on others that are prerequisites to His salvation, but that if it was truly His will for me to attend church, He would send me a sign of where I should go. Within two weeks I had the following visitors to my door in this order: Mormons. Jehovah Witnesses. Catholic Priest. I was stunned, because He truly saved the best for last. Since when do Catholic Priests come to people’s door? But now, being ever more confused I again prayed. And this is what He responded. I Am bigger than all of these, and your only need is to Love. I felt such a relief. It was the Great I Am of the Universe telling me that it was not important that I attend church. It was shortly thereafter that I “found” Joel Osteen and began watching him on tv. God has since enlarged my circle even further by showing me great teachings not only from Buddha, but from other cultures that have also found their way to God. I will never forget the image that came into my mind that day that I prayed and the words that flowed. “Childe, there are many boats that lead to My Presence, it does not matter which one you choose to take.” I decided I wanted to try them all. There is so much beauty to be had! Thanks for sharing yours! ♥ Shari

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