It’s a new year!

I’m a bit behind posting for the new year, but that’s pretty typical! Chris and I had a relaxing New Year’s day after spending a nice evening at our friend’s house to ring in the new year.

Chris downloaded Civilization V, and spent quite a few hours playing that, while I spent time up in my sewing and crafting room! I managed to cut off and finish the edges of 4 pairs of pants that needed hemming. I hemmed one pair while watching TV later in the evening. I will have to work on the rest this week!

I also came up with a card design! I completed one fully, and have 4 more in various states of completion. About 1/2 hour of work and they should be done. I’d like to come up with another design today, but we shall see how that goes. I really need to do some purging of excess stuff, as well as collecting all like things together to allow for some serious organization. I’d love to hire an organizer to help with the final organization portion. I’d rather do the weeding out on my own. An organizer recently told me that they can help with that as well, but I’m not up for the pressure of doing it with input from someone else!

Anyway, here is the card!

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