Getting back on the horse! (And a rant about the poor writing I find on various blogs!)

I sort of fell down a deep hole after attempting to blog every day in May. Work just kept getting crazier, and other things in life continue to need to be attended to. Things such as laundry, dishes, pet feeding, husband feeding! I could manage for a while on oodles of noodles and PB&J, but hubby…not so much!!

Work is slowly getting better, and we are basically clothed and fed. Plus I miss the excitement of the idea that someone might be reading!!

We have had WICKED rains here lately, although I shall not complain much as compared to many others, both locally and around the nation, we have had minimal damage. Although… it is a bit disheartening to live with a very wet basement floor, even if it is bare concrete!

At the moment I am hiding from other jobs around the house that I need to be doing, and I will quickly return to them after this brief respite!

The rant is regarding the wanton butchering of the English language that occurs on these here interwebs! I was talking with my daughter about this yesterday. I cringe when I read things such as ” I cannot bare it when people cut me off in traffic.” It is supposed to be “bear”,from the root word “forbear”. Another one I see all the time is when people are “pouring over the new book I just bought.” The word is poring!! Just this morning I someone write “and without further adieu”!! It is supposed to be further ado! Adieu is the French word for goodbye!!

Well, I shall bid you adieu, as I am being summoned by hubby!

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2 Responses to Getting back on the horse! (And a rant about the poor writing I find on various blogs!)

  1. Christina says:

    I always like seeing what grammatical errors bother people. It seems like everyone has a few that just really bother them, ya know?? Not that I can think of any right now, but I’m sure I’ve got some (and probably do some too. ughhh.).

  2. A says:

    “Sneak peak” is one I’ve been seeing lately. I love this site for when you want to point out an error to someone or need some help yourself:

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