Waltzingmouse templates challenge

This will be quick, cause I need to get it posted and linked to the challenge post!

This is fairly simple, cause I had to drag each bit of supplies out of “storage”.  Everything was put away two weeks ago to prepare for my stepdaughter’s visit. I need to really work hard to get my room organized so I know where all my supplies are, and can get to them!



I did not really have anyone in mind to give tea bags to, so I figured I’d make this into a generic “gift” container!

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  1. Sandra says:

    Hi Katrynka,
    sorry for the roundabout way of answering your question about bead cones (from your comment on my blog post about Kumihomi beading.
    There is a wired coming off the end of the beaded piece – I thread that through the bead cap or cone, up around through the hole in the clasp I’m using, twist it a few times, then back down through the cap or cone, and twist again, hiding the ends under the cap or cone.
    Hope this helps!
    Sandra (curlerchik)

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