Busy in the Craft room again

I’ve decided to just start spending time in my craft room. Sometimes I do a bit of sorting or organizing. Other times I do a bit of crafting. It makes me happy to spend some time up there, even if it is less time, or things are not “perfect”. It is better then never getting up there at all, as circumstances will never be perfect!

Another thing that I am doing is just jumping in and making some cards. I really love to come up with nice designs, and then crank out a lot of the same card for gifts etc. But it takes me a ton of time to come up with a really good design, so often I do not end up with an actual product for quite some time. So I’m trying a new approach. I’m either blatantly CASEing (“Copy and Share Everything.”), or just lowering my standards a bit. And the final thing…. I’m actually mailing a lot of the cards!!! What a concept!

So here are two more results, significantly less than perfect in my eyes, but I already have the envelopes addressed, so hopefully they will make the recipients happy!
most beautiful day
I wanted to use my new paper from PTI, Dearest Jane . I do like book print, but I cannot bring myself to cut up actual old books!! Anyway, I don’t think either way that I used it turned out great, but that’s life!

And here is the second one.
Additionally I need to work on my photography set up. (The colors in these photos are not totally accurate.) But again, if I waited to blog till my photos were great, then it would not happen either!

Lastly, here is an example of the state of my craft room…. I KNEW I had a bag of buttons to match the base paper color, and I spent about 10 minutes searching for them. Finally decided to use the ribbon, and then found the buttons right after I sealed the envelopes!! LOL
lost buttons

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2 Responses to Busy in the Craft room again

  1. Christina says:

    I feel like things popping up RIGHT after you give up on them is the way of life. And I have the same problem holding me back- if something’s not perfect I don’t want to share, but then you get nowhere do you?! I think the cards are cute and don’t look like they’re lacking in any way to me!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Your cards are terrific and original. Everyone has an approach that is unique and captures their own style. Sometimes we do not realize how fresh and appealing our creations appear to other people who do not “live” with the ideas rattling around in our heads for so long they seem stale to us once we finally put them into paper. Wonderful cards – and thanks for sharing what “CASE” means!

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