CASEing is better than no crafting at all!!

I have been itching to get up into my craft room, but things are stacked against me! First of all there are TONS of other things that I need to be doing, both work related, as well as housekeeping. Secondly, my room is a mess! I have no idea where half of my stuff is, as things got shoved into corners to allow room for out of town guests for a family wedding. My daughter has also been living at home again, which means there are all sorts of boxes and piles of clothing!

I also tend to really struggle with coming up with card designs, as well as I love to make a lot of cards of the same design so I can add to my gift stash. All of this means that I tend to not be able to have a “quick” crafting session;)

Today I realized that I really needed a couple cards, so I decided to just CASE so that I could get some made, and enjoy myself in the process!

So my first inspiration was from this blog.

I fell seriously short of my goal, hers are stunning, mine barely get by, but here they are!
with sympathy

and get well soon

The next inspiration was from here

I am not doing it for the glitter challenge, largely because I can’t find my glitter! But here is my card. Thank you
The colors do look a bit better in person, although I do need to figure out the alignment a bit better on the multi layer stamping on the roses!

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  1. Leigh Penner says:

    Very pretty cards! The Botanical set was one of my very first PTI sets and I still love it!

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