I really wonder about some people

There is a blog that I have been following for about 8 months or so. I don’t recall how I found it. It was an infertility blog, and I randomly happened to find it right before she announced that finally all of their TTC efforts were successful, and that she was pregnant. I continued to follow, and now she is about ready to deliver.

She wrote a post earlier this week that really turned me off. It was an entire post about stretch marks and the various creams and lotions that she used to try to avoid them. The post just really struck me the wrong way. It just seemed so superficial. After all of her posts about how badly she wanted a baby, how agonizing it was to have failure after failure; now she writes about stretch marks??? I’d be flipping jumping for joy about my stretch marks if they were from being pregnant (and the pregnancy had the happy result of a healthy baby), rather than just from being overweight.

Oh well, such is life. I decided to refrain from commenting on her post, and instead came here to tell my tale of woe. Its been a rough week for some reason. A “Christmas letter” (arrived after New Years!) threw me for a loop when my friend wrote about her impending grandchild. It just really hurt to think that I recall when she had her daughter, and now all these years later I do not not have a child of my own, which of course means no grandchildren either. Sometimes life really makes me tired.

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