Sunday nights are so much better when you are on vacation!

I have not gotten in the groove of posting here. I have made a few cards that I need to photograph and post. There are probably any number of other things that I could write about as well, but heck if I know what they are!

I want to try for a contest in one of the card magazines (can’t recall the title, and am too lazy to get up and go look!!) So I guess I need to get to crafting! Not only would it be fabulous to have something published, I could win $600 of free product. That would be great fun.

As I mention in the title, hubby and I are on vacation. We are staying home at the beginning and end, and spending a few days at the beach in the middle. I am REALLY looking forward to the beach, and the weather looks like it will be great. We also really enjoy just hanging out with no particular agenda or time line.

My next door neighbor took some amazing sunflower photos last week. I uploaded them to snapfish and made a really cool collage poster. I gave him a poster, and he made me a frame for mine! Love the barter system! Here is one of the photos. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

I am trying out a couple free “note” apps for my i-phone before I buy one. I am sick of the simple app that comes with the phone – it keeps acting up. It will randomly start deleting entries on a note (if you are making a shopping list and open the note to write in another item) or it will keep putting items back that you have deleted. (Like when you are taking things off the shopping list while shopping.) It can make things pretty confusing, so I am going to get a “real” app, actually pay money for it! They are $4, so I want to make sure I get one I like.

Maybe I will post a card or two tomorrow?!

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  1. Nancy says:


    I just wanted to let you know that you’ve won a stamp set from Shady Tree Studio!!

    I’d love to send “Little Birds” to you 🙂 . Please send me your address at



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